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Microsoft Excel Formulae to Convert Date from DD/MM/YYYY to YYYYMMM

Challenge Just want to record this down on my Blog so that I can use this as again. I encounter a scenario where I need to group item in such a way for my recent report that is using Microsoft … Continue reading

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Unable to embed PDF file to Office 2010 Word (64Bit)

Encounter one issue today that I think I will think twice before I install Office 2010 onto another machine (maybe for next few months before the fix is ready by either Adobe or Microsoft) What happen is I tried to … Continue reading

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No More Live Session in OneNote 2010…

One of the feature I like about OneNote 2007 is the Sharing Live Session where few of us can join and edit the Note at almost real time… However, so sad that it was taken out from OneNote 2010. Guess … Continue reading

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Microsoft Service Pack Uninstall Tool for the 2007 Microsoft Office suite

Traditionally, you cannot uninstall Microsoft Office service packs without completely uninstalling the Microsoft Office products.   Guess what? Microsoft is releasing the first Service Pack Un-installer for 2007 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 2 (SP2).   Check out for more information … Continue reading

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Office 2007: The Compatibility Pack for Office 2003, Office XP and Office 2000

Office 2007 has been launched for a few years already. However, I understand that due to costing issue, some or most of the organization are still using Office 2003 or even Office XP. Recently, I have received some question on … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office – Convert Words to Power Point

This is a re-visit of one of my old post on other forums that might be useful to some IT PROs – Convert Microsoft Words to Power POint. 🙂 Thanks to Tian-An who show me on how to convert Words … Continue reading

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