Microsoft Office – Convert Words to Power Point

This is a re-visit of one of my old post on other forums that might be useful to some IT PROs – Convert Microsoft Words to Power POint. 🙂

Thanks to Tian-An who show me on how to convert Words to Power Point that night after the presentation and I wish to share with you guys.

If you have a Microsoft Word document with proper headings nicely in-placed, you are able to convert the words to PowerPoint (Quite comfortable).

CONDITION for conversion to take place nicely:

You must make sure your WORDS document is labeled with correct headings [Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3]

Under Power Point, under the ribbon, go to “Home” > “New Slides” > “Slides from Outline…”

Then look for the words document you wish to convert to presentation slides. Once selected, click "Ok" and wait for a while for the conversion to take place. Once done, you will then see the following conversion accordingly:

Heading 1 – Title

Heading 2 – Content

Heading 3 – Sub content

*You may wish to copy out your original Words doc to edit the headings so that the conversion will be smooth. 😉

Happy Trying!

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