Some of the Basic on GPO – GPO Processing and Precedence

Recently got many questions about how GPO works.. Why does it not work that way.. Why Computer Configuration setting is not working and more.

I start to think and realised the the root cause is those people are not familiar with the basic~ You will be shock that IT Pro here may have been managing their IT environment for years but knows nothing about Group Policy Objects.

Guess once I am done with this major project I am handling now, I will start to push more sharing session on how to use GPO to manage the environment.

Well, after much thought, before we talk about the individual settings within the GPO which is thousands of lines. I feel that one should know what comes first which is the GPO processing and precedence.

Many many years ago when I started to explore the power of GPO, no one really knows how it works in my team and I really hit a lot of “walls”.

So for those who is new in GPO and always have question on why this setting is overwritten by another GPO. You all may want to read and understand this following articles from TechNet:

My suggestion to you is to draw out the diagram when you are reading it to have a better understanding the flow. Smile

Start simple and you start to do some paper play by adding more GPOs with different setting.

To add on, Please read this following settings to let you know about more rules when configuring GPOs – “Loopback processing with merge or replace”

By understand the logic on when to use “Loopback with Replace” and “Lookback with Merge”, you can understand how you should arrange your OU and link your GPOs.

O… almost forgot – Please read on GPP too! – Download the document on GPP, understand the difference – the document is Great~ Just that you have to spend some time to read. But please understand the above fundamental first!

Link to download GPP Documentation from Microsoft:

Ok! Time to get back to my Work now.. I will start to prepare my sharing session on how to use GPO and GPP to deploy TCPIP Printer over this weekend~ FUN!

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