Read if the GPO supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2–very important

One lesson learnt the hard way… That is why I must share this with everyone.

If you think that all GPO settings supports different OS version with methodology –  a baseline version and above OS version under the “requirements”. Then you will make one mistake like me.

Below screen shot show a typical console view when on is administrating GPO.

What shown below is a GPO setting that the requirements is “At least IE6 in WinXP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP1”



Let me share with you all the the requirement do not works in such as way all the time…

Take a closer look at this GPO setting – “Turn Off Reminder Balloons”


If you read carefully – “Supported On”, you will notice that it only supports on Windows Server 2003, Window XP and Windows 2000!!

Therefore, if one to configure GPO blindly and thinking why the expected result never turns out on Windows 7, one thing you may want to check is… if the GPO setting is supported on Windows 7.

Hope that by sharing this with you all, can help to save a bit of your precious time.

Key take away, never think if everything works the same…

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