Clear Internet Explorer Proxy Setting using GPO


One interesting issue I ever encountered. I received a phone call telling me that almost all their machine unable to access Internet. The finding is that the proxy server which those machine are accessing to are no longer functioning.

How to resolve it? The guy on site is trying to clear the proxy setting one by one… Worse of all, the users of the those machine are under very restrictive policy where under their profile, IE properties are not able to be accessed.


I will create a GPO with blank proxy setting on User Configuration and link to those users.

STEP 1: Create a GPO with Blank Proxy Setting

For GPO Under AD 2003 or ADS 2008, the setting is the same as shown below:

User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > Proxy Settings >

  • a. Enable Proxy Setting [Select]
  • b. HTTP and Port [Clear off everything]
  • c. Use the same proxy server for all addresses [Select]
  • d. Do not use proxy server for local (Intranet) address [Select]

Yes… A blank Proxy Setting works!

Picture 1. AD 2003 GPO


Picture 2. ADS 2008 GPO


STEP 2: Link the GPO to the OU that contains the users who are affected by the Proxy that is not functioning

Under GPMC, link the GPO to the OU that contains the users who are affected by the proxy that is not functioning.

When the users login to the machine, the proxy setting will overwrite the proxy setting on the machine.


This method is to clear off the proxy setting which means we can use the same method to push back the proxy settings.

Therefore, please remember to note down the old setting first!!!

For firefox… you may need to find the adm file for firefox in order to manage the proxy setting. I have tried before and it works fine.

For Chrome… Sorry, under my environment, we are trying our ways to block it! 😀

Ok.. Got to go now. Hope this helps you guys out there!


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