Disable Java Auto Update through GPO

Was really tied-up with lots of rollout recently and hardly got time to blog. However, recently, there are few issues that I need to resolve through GPO. One of them is to disable the Java Auto Update for about 200 machine at a site.

As there is no standard GPO policy to manage Java, I will use a vbscript to manage the registry key that control the Java Auto Update Behaviour.

Step 1: Locate the Registry Key that control Java Auto Update Behaviour.

Thanks to one of my helpful team-mate, he confirm that the same registry key works for several version of Java. Thanks Bro!



Step 2: Prepare the vbscript that will insert or modify the registry key

‘——————————– Script Start ——————————————————–

Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

sRegKey = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy"

oShell.RegWrite sRegKey & "\EnableJavaUpdate", 00000000, "REG_DWORD"

‘——————————– Script End ——————————————————–

**Cut and Paste the above code to notepad and save as xxxx.vbs (For me, I named it as “DisableAU.vbs”


Step 3: Create a GPO and Place the vbscript under the Startup



Note: You should disable User Configuration since we are only using the Computer Configuration. This is one of the best practise when implementing GPO.

Step 4: Link the GPO to the OU which contains the machine that you want to disable the Java Auto Update

Done! 🙂


Additional Note

I am using this method as I am still using AD 2003 without GPP (Group Policy Preference).

For those who are using AD 2008 or AD 2003 with GPP, you all can just push the registry key under the preference! How I wish I can implement GPP soon!

Following Screen Capture shows how to insert registry key – So much easier! 🙂



More settings you can use and I just love the “Apply once and do not reapply”. Why? Without this, I need to write vbscript to perform this task! Haha..

Ok.. I will post more about using GPO to solve another of my recent issue.

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2 Responses to Disable Java Auto Update through GPO

  1. Praveen says:

    As per your instruction I tried but it’s not working in my domain. We’ve AD2008.

  2. Sooners says:

    Thank you very much

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