Windows 7 Files and Settings Transfer Wizard ROCKS!!

Using the wizard for the first time (Feel good to have 2 laptops running on Windows 7).

The wizard is super easy to use (Friendly) and within a few steps, both machine are in the transfer progress.

But please avoid using wireless, Silly me.. so happy to use the wizard and forgot to switch to LAN. Guess what, the transfer est to finish by 2 days plus plus!! Almost fainted. Well, I decided to give a try by plugging LAN cable for both machine and see if wizard will break (Logic saying, it should not as they are the same network). In the end, LAN connection works! LOL… From 2 days plus, the transfer rate drops to 3hours for 100GB (lots of ISO and VHD). 😛

After everything is done, I can see that desktop arrangement is the same, my themes and even my Live Writer!

What I like about the wizard is that it also gives me a report on what software I may need to install! Cool? 🙂

But something to take note, as my new laptop is installed with Office 2010 while my old machine is Office 2007, following components have some further configuration before it works…

1. One Note (My Favourite) – Even the files are the same location (C:\Users\<UserID>\Documents\OneNote Notebooks), I believe for certain reason, you need to click on one of the pages for the whole notebook to load. All your notebooks will not load for you after the transfer wizard has copied the files over.

2. Outlook – Transfer wizard did not transfer my cert and thus I need to install the cert again before my outlook can launch. But you will be so happy to see that almost everything is transferred over! But take note – you need to manually select the location where you store your PST files when you are running the transfer wizard.

Most of my stuff are transferred over by the wizard but one must really go through all the choice to see if the wizard were to miss out anything thing especially the PST files and Signatures.

By the way, you can use it even you are going to rebuild your own machine. But you have to prepare an external storage device to store the files and setting temporary. 🙂

Cheers. Back to Work…

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