System Hang when combine usage of AVG, Broadband-On-Mobile (BOM) and Windows 7

Ever encounter your whole system hang (Freeze) when you are using Broadband-On-Mobile (BOM) on Windows 7 that is installed with AVG?

Initially, I was thinking if its my system problem as my laptop is about 4yrs old. However, after I met Alvin yesterday and he saw my issue, he told me that I am not the only one having this issue. The combi of AVG, BOM and WIN7 is causing all his machine hang too. And the only way to resolve is to un-install AVG and install other AntiVirus Software. If you are looking for free one, you may want to use Microsoft Security Essentials. 🙂

Link to download

Cheers.. By the way, if you are not going to BOM, you can still use AVG. 🙂

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