How to extend the Security and Compliance of Active Directory to Unix, Linux and Mac Platforms – through Quest Authentication Services (QAS)!

Facing situation where there is an increase in Mac machine in your working environment that runs on Microsoft Active Directory Services? And you are facing the challenge on how to manage them?

Recently, I have the chance to test on a solution from Quest Software that is able to solve my problem without investing $$ in getting Mac X Server to run Open Directory to manage the Mac machine!

The solution from Quest Software is Quest Authentication Services (QAS)!

The solution only require you to install the QAS application on a member server that can runs on Windows Server 2003 that links to Active Directory 2008 R2! And of course, you will need to install an agent on the Mac Machine… Anything else? NO MORE!

After the agent is installed on the Mac Machine, user will be able to login to the Mac using their Microsoft AD Domain account. 🙂

And the best part is that you can manage the policies of Mac machine through Group Policy Objects from the Windows Server 2003 that is installed with QAS!


Check out all the benefits from the link below! 🙂

Let me share with you.. even QAS is not officially supporting AD 2008 R2, through the recent test, it works fine as Quest engineer provides wonderful support!!

For Mac Client machine, its running on MAC OS 10.5

Enough talking.. I think its time for you guys to visit the site and download the trial and test out this cool solution! 🙂

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