McAfee 8.0.0i Conflict with Photoshop and Flash Player

Today, I have received a feedback from one of my guys telling me that McAfee 8.0.0i is having a conflict with Photoshop or Flash Player 10.

Whenever anyone launch Photoshop or Flash Player 10, McAfee will try to scan the executable file of those software and cause them not to run.

The problem arise since early last week.

So… to settle this issue before McAfee will come back to us for any solution, what I can suggest is to exclude the executable files of those software from the On-Access Scan.

If you have EPO, you may configure from EPO and push the policy down to all the client through EPO agent.

If not, you will need to configure your McAfee Client one by one.

Files to exclude from On-Access Scan:

  1. FlashUtil10b.exe
  2. Photoshop.exe

I will keep this thread update but it seems like only the old version of McAfee is having this problem but not 8.5.

Good Day.

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3 Responses to McAfee 8.0.0i Conflict with Photoshop and Flash Player

  1. Samuel says:

    Bro.. 8.0i is history. You should plan to upgrade to at least 8.5i or 8.7i.

  2. Tan says:

    Bro.. Planning update to 1000 machine is fine.. if its 100,000… That is pain in the ass…

  3. Samuel says:

    You should look into EPO 4.5 which has been redesign for your kind of environment…

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