Object Restore for Active Directory (Free Tools from Quest)

Remember the blog I posted on performing active directoy disaster recovery on my blog?
Guess what… After conversation with Dennis Chung last Tuesday, he told me that he ever demo a free tools from Quest which can perform "Restore from Recycle Bin" kind of features under Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain Service!
Click on the following to check on this COOL Freeware from Quest!~
—– Extracted from the Site —————-

Recovering Deleted Objects in Active Directory

Restoring deleted objects and information in Active Directory can be a manual and time-consuming task. Native backup and recovery utilities require intense involvement by the administrator, knowledge of what objects were deleted or affected, and require a Domain Controller to be rebooted. As a result, it is difficult for organizations to meet reasonable service levels for restoring deleted information in Active Directory, and avoid recovery pitfalls such as lost productivity and system downtime.
—– Extracted from the Site —————-
But Please Note: Object Restore for Active Directory is unsupported freeware. The license key expires at the end of six months. To renew, you must uninstall the product and reinstall.
I will definately try it out after my major rollout which cause me to MIA from blogging!! Errh…
By the way, Windows 7 RC1 is great and now waiting for the RTM.. 😛
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