Windows Virtual PC Beta and Windows XP Mode Beta (Exercise “CUT”)

Read about one of the new features of Win7RC1 which is Windows Virtual PC beta and Windows XP Mode Beta… Since I have installed Win7 RC1, I would love to try out this new feature.
So, following the website to download the additional component (
Something unfortunate happened!!! There is this requirement – "Windows Virtual PC requires a CPU with the Intel™ Virtualization Technology or AMD-V® feature turned on." The website comes with link which direct you to do and download an Utility from Intel\AMD that will determine if your CPU supports VT or AMD-V(R). (
Well, as my machine is not very new. Therefore, I went to download the utility from Intel and ran it. Within 1 min, I am clear that I have to call off this exercise! Why? My OLD CPU is not VT ready as shown on the picture below! So Sad! 😦
Hahah~ Guess this is another reason for me to upgrade my machine?! By the way, watch out for SONY laptop as I remember that the last ad i saw mentioned that their machine does not support VT. 😛 So, those SONY user, you may want to use the utility to double check~
Last of all, for guys out there, I think it is time for you all to check if your machine support VT or AMD-V if you plan to use WinXP mode on Win7 in future as it is never too late to start planning for your migration!
Move on to see what are the new features in RC1~
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