Singapore Windows User Group – 2009 April Event

Another night filled with knowledge sharing by MVPs where IT Pro can take away IT knowledge which may help them in their work.
During Session 1 on IPSec & Domain Isolation, MVP Pom Figueroa shared with us his experience in setting up IPSec which made the whole session an enjoyable and easy to understand.
I like the portion where he shared on the best practices during setting up of IPSec and Domain Isolation!
Key pointers like:
  • Do not configure(apply) IPSec under "Private" or "Public", only for "Domain" unless Company Policy indicates clearly that user is not able to access Internet using company machine anywhere except Office!
  • Create a new OU for testing out IPSec if one does not have a test environment. Why? The reason is once IPSec rollout wrongly, you may need to go around to everymachine to disable IPSec!! 
  • Creating a policy for Machine to be able to contact all the Domain Controller first before implementing Domain Isolation. If not machines will be disjointed from the domain! OPS…
  • PLAN, DESIGN AND TEST Properly before any rollout especially IPSec implementation!
And many other pointers that is very useful and IMPORTANT!
After the session, we all agreed that IPSec and Domain Isolation is not a Junior SA session and thats why we all some old members turning up on this session. 🙂
During Session 2 where MVP Dennis Chung shared on Hyper-V Architecture and Discussion. His session is a must to attend. It is true as he shared valuable information with everyone who attended. 🙂
I will not blog on his session here as whatever he shared, it meant only for those who attended. However, what I can summerised – Hyper V ROCKS!
Once again, thanks to the speakers for sharing their valuable experience and knowledge through their personal time after work~
And those who rushed down after work to attend the session. Thanks!!
By the way, for those who do not know who are the committe member of SWUG. There are the one in the photo and not to forget Dennis who started this user group!
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