How to use GPO to configure Client Machine IE homepage?

Hi All… just finished one assignment where client request is to configure the Internet Explorer homepage on all their client machine to point to website A. My client has approx 300 Desktop and 100 laptops.
If you are using Active Directory, you can achieve this easily through Group Policy. How? I will share with you all on where to configure on the GPO.

Under the GPO, under "User Configuration" -> "Windows Settings" -> "Internet Explorer Maintenance" – "URLs" (Shown above)
When you click on "URLs", you will see that you have 2 options on the right portion of the GPMC. Click on "Important URLs" (Shown Above)
You will then be able to customize your homepage accordingly! For example here, I put my blog page as homepage! 😛
Note: Your URL must contain "http://"
IMPORTANT: If you are going to set the homepage with URL that is INTRANET page, please make sure that everyone in your company knows about it as once they are in public network and they launch their IE… They will not be able to launch the site as it is an INTRANET PAGE! Who they will call then? haha… So, always plan well before execute.
Well, by the way, my environment is AD2003 and and target machine is WinXP.
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