McAfee ePO 3.6.0 with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 (Part II)

Refer to previous blog where we are not able to login to the McAfee ePO console after installing Service Pack 2 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003…
Today, early the morning, we went down to site with 2 options in mind:
1. Follow what McAfee recommended – upgrade ePO 3.6 to 3.6.1
2. Un-install the Service Pack 2
Challenge we are facing is… we only left with 100MB of space on Drive C!
So… we left with no choice but to un-install the service pack 2 as the replication of the ePO fails too.
This time, I have done my homework to see what are the possible issue may occur during un-install of service pack 2. 🙂 Seems like nothing serious will happen (based on information found online).
Anyway, we create an image of drive C before we un-install. (*Rules for SA to note, make sure what ever you do, you are able to revert or there are some form of back up!)
So, under Control Panel, Add/Remove Program, we locate the "Windows Server 2003 Service Pack2" and click to remove.
Everything went smooth and we are able to login to the ePO console after the server rebooted with the Service Pack 2 removed.
Now.. How to resolve the hard space space issue of Drive C? Look out for my blog. I will share with you all on the tools which you may be familiar with! 🙂
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