Singapore Windows User Group (SWUG) meetup for April 2009 (8th April 2009)

Singapore Windows User Group (SWUG) meetup for April 2009 (8th April 2009)
Photos taken during the event. 🙂
For any IT Pros (Senior or Junior), I would strongly recommend you all to attend this forum. Go there not only to listen but time to make some new friends. Share your experience or issue. Listen and sharing are channels that will enhance your knowledge and firm up your fundamentals.
See you all there! 😉

Singapore Windows IT Pro Group – April 2009 Newsletter

April Meet Up Agenda

Date: 8th April 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: 1 Marina Boulevard #22-00, MS Singapore – Level 22 Conference Rm 12

6.30pm: Registration
7.00pm: Session 1 – IPSec & Domain Isolation (Junior/Senior Admin)
7.45pm: Toilet/Stretching Break (No Food/Snacks Provided)
8.00pm: Session 2 – Hyper-V Architecture and Types of VM 
              (Senior Admin)
9.00pm: Home Sweet Home

Session 1: IPSec & Domain Isolation (MVP Pom Figueroa)


With the explosive growth and adoption of pervasive, highly-connected networks, administrators are faced with a potentially paradoxical situation: to provide greater accessibility while maintaining security. Even though more ubiquitous connectivity can yield numerous business benefits—like productivity gains and operational cost savings—it has the potential to introduce new risks to the organization’s networked infrastructure. This can include costly virus attacks, rogue users and devices, and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

A Server and Domain Isolation solution based on Microsoft Windows Internet Protocol security (IPsec) and the Active Directory directory service enables administrators to dynamically segment their Windows environment into more secure and isolated logical networks based on policy and without costly changes to their network infrastructure or applications. This creates an additional layer of policy-driven protection, and helps better protect against costly network attacks, helps prevent unauthorized access to trusted networked resources, achieve regulatory compliance, and reduce operational costs.

Some links for you to read up before coming for this session:

(IPsec ) Wikipedia:

Understanding IPSEC Video:

Skill Level: 200-300 (Beginner to Intermediate)

Session 2: Hyper-V Architecture and Discussion
(MVP Dennis  Chung)


Virtualization, particularly Server Virtualization, has taken on much attention. Dubbed also as a Green IT initiative, Server Virtualization enables one to save money in many aspects. In this session, you will learn about the various aspects of money savings (but we won’t spend much time, done too many times already). We will then jump into the Hyper-V architecture and discuss why Microsoft did the Hyper-V this way.

Dennis will also discuss the real world aspects of Hyper-V and some important information you should know before diving in. Lastly, we will discuss the differentiator where the virtualization hype is at now.


For registration, please email to with the following:
– Name
– Email Address

Note: There won’t be an event confirmation. Just turn up, we don’t turn people away. However, please register if you’re coming.

In a bid to help control Community costs, we’re going to do away with Snacks. Not that Microsoft isn’t sponsoring, i am thinking of keeping it for the next CTU in May.

50% discount for selected best selling Microsoft Press titles

From 24 March 2009, enjoy 50% discount for selected best selling Microsoft Press titles.

Limited Stock only. For more information visit

Internet Explorer 8.0

Internet Explorer 8.0 is officially RTM last month and here we are providing you with all the latest information on IE8.

Tops 5 Reasons For IT Pro To Deploy IE8
As IT Pro, how does the launch of IE8 affect us? What are the reason for us to actually consider rolling out IE8? If you have all this question in mind, guess this is the right place to find your answer.

WebSlices is one of the new feature that Microsoft introduce in IE8. WebSlices enable users to subscribe to specially marked content on a Web page. When the content changes, the user receives a notification on the Favorites Bar. Join Jane Kim, Program Manager on the IE Team, as she bring us through the different in WebSlices since Beta 1.

Another new feature introduce in IE 8 is Accelerators. Never heard of it before? Not too sure what kind of convenience it brings to you? Want to know more about how Accelerators works? Join Jon Seitel, Program Manager on the IE Team, as he answer all of the above question.

IE8 Setup and Deployment
After reading all the above, are your hand feeling itchy to try out IE8? Here are some more information on IE8 deployment and setup.

History of Microsoft – 1975

Today, we’re beginning a brand new series called The History of Microsoft. Travel with us back in time as we discover the roots of one of the world’s most important technology companies. Using rare video and photos we bring you the heart of Microsoft’s struggles and successes.  Year by Year. Every Thursday we will air a brand new episode beginning with 1975 where "The History of Microsoft" all began. We hope you enjoy this historical journey.

Windows Server 2008 SP2 RC & Windows Vista SP2 RC

Microsoft has launch out Windows Server 2008 & Vista SP2 RC on March. Visit the links below to download and find out more information on Service Pack 2.

For more information:

Download link:

Junior Admin Take A Look on How to use GPO to insert Trusted Site?

Ever been ask to insert trusted site to 10 PCs by your boss? What some of us will do is manually insert to each PC as 10 PCs is not a big number after all. But think about it again, why not make the process automated? What if you have a few hundred PCs waiting for you? This month let’s take a look at a post by Tan Chee on how you can use GPO to insert Trusted Site to PC in your network.!457BA7C60060614F!1542.entry 

Your friendly Windows Group leaders

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