McAfee ePO 3.6 issue with Windows 2003 Service Pack 2

What a way to end a week… A lesson learnt through a hard way.
What I learnt today is to always do very detail reading up online before performing any major updates to production servers.
Thanks to the April Fool virus, we are been force to update our McAfee ePO 3.6 Server to MS08-067. However, as the OS is only Windows 2003 without any service pack, we have to upgrade the service pack before updating the critical patch. (IT security officer said die die must patch).
So, without much reading up, we go ahead to patch the ePO server and everything went smooth! By almost 8pm, servers are patched and every services started nicely and not error logs! Thinking that everything is fine till we tried to login to the ePO console where we are not able…. 😦
However, when we tried to run query, report is able to generate out! We think that it might take some time to sync up with the database before we can login but we are wrong till I found an article online from MCAFEE indicating issue of ePO3.6 with Windows 2003 Service Pack 2!!!
The solution is to upgrade from 3.6 to 3.6.1
Guess we have to work over the weekend now~
But more important is we learnt something and should try to avoid making the same mistake…
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