Microsoft Windows Server – WinNT Server

Was going through some old stuff today and found something interesting!! Guess what? It is a CD installer of Microsoft Windows NT! Really brings back memory when I was learning to manage Microsoft Windows NT Server… I always having headache whenever there are a new release of Service Pack. 
One of my greatest challenge during that time is how to perform restoration of it using emergency disaster recovery disk (Veritas) to restore the PDC where we keep a set of diskettes for each and every servers!! Can imagine how much diskettes we kept that time (x_x)

So.. Went to done some research online on History of Microsoft Windows NT Server and sure got lots of information… A quick summary (timeline) of it is shown below:



Release To Manufacture (RTM)

29 July 1996

General release

24 August 1996

Service Pack 1

16 October 1996

Service Pack 2

14 December 1996

Service Pack 3

15 May 1997

Service Pack 4

25 October 1998

Service Pack 5

4 May 1999

Service Pack 6

22 November 1999

Service Pack 6a

30 November 1999

Post Service Pack 6a Security Rollup

26 July 2001
Soon after Microsoft Release Windows Server 2000, another challenge will be migration between the 2 OS… the 2 domains!!
Well.. guess I will blog about History of Microsoft Windows Server over the weekend which sure brings back all my memories… 🙂
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