Windows 7 Beta Rocks….

Decided to use MySpace to blog all my stuff about IT, my experiment, my day to day troubleshooting and resolving IT related issue~ 🙂

So.. what I wanna share with you guys is that Microsoft Windows 7 beta ROCKS!!

From my blog on Singapore WIndows User group Forum,

Windows 7 do not need much hardware resources!!! 🙂

Well… I heard that Windows 7 do not need much hardware resources and able to run off Atom CPU.

So, I decided to try installing it on a computer which I assemble using all various parts from several old PCs.

What I have? Following are the components I manage to find and use.

1. Intel Pentium 4 2GHZ (3yr and above)

2. 1.5GB of RAM (2 x 512MB and 2 x 256MB)

3. HDD – IDE 80GB 7200RPM (Dunno the age.. hhaha)

4. Intel Motherboard with onboard audio and VGA (small form)

5. DVD Drive (Do not know what brand and age)

6. PSU 350W

7. NO CASING and Floppy~

The installation (Windows 7 beta 32bits) runs smooth and well. Within 40mins, installation completed and it works….!! No Drivers required!! Then, I told myself, it may have ran smooth as the RAM is over 1GB. Therefore, I tried to remove all and leave only 1 pcs of 512MB of RAM. To my surprise, I think it runs better as I am not mixing 333 and 400 anymore!

When I am surfing internet using IE8 with Windows 7 Beta… Everything is smooth and seems to function well. To improve further, I think I need to find a old VGA Card as I am using the one on board~ 😛

Anyway, my objective is met. Windows 7 do not need much hardware resources for it to install and run normally. However, if you want to run Office and other editing application, you may need 1GB of RAM for better performance~ 🙂

So guys, if you have spare hardware at home… Maybe its time for you to gather them up and play with Windows 7 Beta before the beta version is over!

If you have no spare or old hardware to play around, you may try to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 to install Windows 7 Beta.



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