How to use GPO to insert Trusted Site?

Last few days ago, my client is asking me to add some trusted site on all their machine (approx 500 machines)
So, how to do it the fastest way with least effort? Under a managed environment where all the machines are joined to a domain, this can be done using GPO by inserting the required sites to a GPO that ties to the OU where the machines are all inside.
Under the GPO, the setting to be configured is under
User Configuration > Administrative Template > Windows Component > Internet Explorer > Security Page > Site to Zone Assignment List
Under the setting, enabled it and enter the value name which is site you wish to enter with the value 1 to 4 that represent the following Zone: (1) Intranet Zone (2) Trusted Sites Zone (3) Internet Zone (4) Restricted Sites Zone

Well, there are many other methods online like using registry key and etc.. But if you are using Active Directory, you should use GPO to help you in your daily job.
Will keep posting on other setting that you can use GPO to handle.
By the way, I am using Windows 2003 Active Directory to push down the GPO onto WinXP Client. 🙂
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