Everyday Life of Panda…

2007 June 07:46 PM

Really Sian!! Today on leave but….. I am SICK!… Running nose. I think must be the cold wind last night while I went cycling last night~

Really dun like running nose and neck pain together. But well, I think my health is not really that well. As I always told my friend that I will not live long. Yup… sort of sense it. Meanwhile, I will live my life to the fullest. 🙂

Now… Hope I can get well by tonight and tomorrow can get back to work. Hmm… Normally, when I start work, I will always feel much better! Hhahaa.. maybe I have to work to keep myself healthy? Think some of you all may be the same, right? Once you do not have work, you will feel restless… Hmm.. Under Organisation Behaviour, we are considered as TYPE A~ 😛

So, to those TYPE A people, we can hardly or want to take leave… Hahhaa.. we enjoy working than resting. "Salted Vegetable" life la…

2007 June 02 10:34 AM

Sensei Sensei… Kyoo Sensei like Seito…

Today… Chinese Teacher needs to submit daily or weekly report in ENGLISH. Ha… Poor thing hor. 😉

Anyway, I PASS MY JAP liao!!! 😀 Think I overstudy for it but sure tricky. So, now waiting for my Ele2 to start in July. Guess it will be tough but I am still very interested in the lang itself. Hope that one fine day I will be able to speak fluently and able to listen and understand their lang/song. ;D

2007 May 28 11:11 AM

Gogatsu Nijuuhachinichi gogo juunichiji juunichipun
Today going to have my first Jap exam! Haa… Really fun learning but come to exam, sure got lots to remember! The verb, noun and adjective really got some much to remember and learn! Furthermore, got polite form, non-polite form… the 6 forms of just one VERB!! the Ni Adj and Na Adj… The neg request… the Te form that comes in different form! And many more… Haa… Now I know how come Jap engineering are so advance as they got to use their brain so much even come to talking and writing their lang! Nihongo…. Mizugashiindesu! sugoku mizugashiidesu!! means.. Jap Lang is very diffcult! Opps.. Hope I never spell wrongly! 🙂
Well, after leaning Jap then I find that I have been pronouncing the wrongly! Aiyo… Anyway, now is a good time to fine tune back.
Hmm.. Think I better stop all this writing and gets back to my revision!
Ogenkidesuka! –> okagesamade…
Gambate! 🙂
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